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How to Read Kindle Books on Kobo Easily?

Question: Can Kobo read Kindle books?
I have a Kobo(borders eReader), but my favorite author Abigail Hilton put her eBooks out on Amazon, but I do not know if I can read them on my Kobo.

Best answer:
read kindle books on koboYou can read any ebook on any ereader by converting it utilizing Calibre. Except for kindle ebooks. The reason is due to the fact the Kindle books are AZW. This is the kind of document. They also have some thing blocking it from being converted using any software. Amazon doesn't want them to be able to anybody who doesn't have a Kindle.

Here is the tutorial of how to read Kindle books on Kobo step by step.

Part 1: How to Remove DRM Kindle AZW?

Note: Please Note, to make the Kindle DRM Removal run normally, you need to install Kindle for PC, and Kindle DRM Removal only supports Kindle for PC 1.1 version.

Step 1: Get this Kindle DRM Remover installed.

Step 2: Launch Kindle DRM Removal. Then click "Browse" to open Kindle for PC.

can you read kindle books on kobo

Step 3: In Kindle for PC Home mode, double click on the book which you wanna remove DRM from. Then close the Kindle for PC. The DRM file directory will appear in the Kindle DRM Removal.

Step 4: Click "Output..." to select a folder to save the decrypted Kindle file or skip this step to use the default output folder. Finally, click "unDRM directory" button to start removing DRM from Kindle AZW files.

Part 2: How to Convert Kindle to Kobo ePub?

Add new .azw file to Calibre, just drag azw file into Calibre, then convert azw format to ePub format that support by most e-reader device, including Kobo.

Actually, you also can use iStonsoft MOBI Converter to convert Amazon kindle books to ePub.

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