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How Can I Remove ePub DRM Mac Free?

epub drm removal for macEPUB is an open e-book standard for digital books and publications developed by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Moreover, EPUB files are often DRM-protected, which means that certain restrictions are imposed on the use of such files, and you will not be able to use your e-books the way you want until you remove ePub DRM Mac.

If your ePub e-books are DRM-protected, and wanna use your ePub files freely with no limitations you need to use special ePub DRM removal software. For Mac, see the following guide for ePub DRM removal Mac.

Tips: For Windows users, see the guide: How to Remove ePub DRM.

Guide: How to Remove ePub DRM for Mac Step by Step?

Step 1: Download Calibre with your Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browser. Versions exist for Windows, OS X and Linux. Here you need to choose the Mac version.

run calibre to remove epub drm mac

Step 2: Download the latest combined tools package here:
and then unzip it.

Step 3: Run Calibre. Click Preferences. Click Plug-ins.

add plugins to remove epub drm mac

Step 4: Click on the large "Add a new plugin" button. Navigate to the tools folder unzipped in step 2.

add a new plugin to remove epub drm mac

Step 5: Open the Calibre_Plugins folder. Select one of the zip files in that folder. Click on Add. Click on the "Yes" button in the warning dialog that appears. A Confirmation dialog appears that the plug-in has been installed.

Step 6: You must now configure the plugins. Which plugins need configuring, and the information you need to enter depends on what kind of ebooks you have. If your ebooks don't match the description at the start of any of the following items, ignore it and move on to the next.

Step 7: Now click on the Apply button, and then close the preferences.

Step 8: You're now ready to remove DRM from ePub for Mac. Just import them into Calibre, and the DRM will be removed. Done!

When you remove ePub DRM Mac, you will be able to enjoy your books not only on a special e-book readers, but also on your Mac computer, on a smartphone, tablet PC, and many other devices. After ePub DRM removal Mac, you will also be able to convert ePub files to other e-book format, modify files according to your needs and preferences, make any necessary changes, and print ePub files or their parts. Hope this guide of how to remove ePub DRM Mac be useful for you!

Furthermore, in case, if you can not remove ePub DRM Mac with Calibre plugins, try to remove DRM from ePub files on PC with Best ePub DRM Remover.

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