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How to Remove DRM from PDB for Mac?

Downloaded an eBook from Barnes & Noble(B&N) in PDB format, but can't read on Sony PRS 300? You may need to remove DRM from PDB. Here we provide a guide for Mac users to remove DRM from PDB for Mac step by step.

Step by Step Guide to Remove PDB DRM on Mac

how to remove drm from pdb for macStep 1: Install Python. Create a working directory.

Step 2: Copy ereader2html.py to the working directory. Copy ereader.pdb file to the working directory.

Step 3: Open File Explorer and navigate to the working directory. Right click an item in the list on the left and select "Properties". Highlight the directory information after "Location:". Right click and select "Copy".

Step 4: Open terminal (in linux) or command prompt (in Windows). Type: "cd " (no quotes needed) and right click to paste the directory information you just copied, and hit enter. From the terminal / command prompt, enter the command as documented:
ereader2html.py infile.pdb outdir "your name" credit_card_number

After remove DRM from PDB for Mac, you can use Calibre to convert PDB to ePub for Mac.

More about Barnes & Noble...

Barnes & Noble eReader, a program that brings electronic books to your desktop computer. new 2.0 version brings you an enhanced reading experience, a new look and feel – and our brand-new LendMeTM technology. You can read eBooks in eReader format and Palm Doc format. Both of these types of files end in the extension ".pdb". With 2.0, you can also read titles in ePub format.

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